The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers 
Plymouth and Middleboro


What is a Veteran’s Service Officer?

Your Local Veterans' Service Officer

The best place for you to go for help with other questions is to your local Veterans' Services Officer (VSO), who works out of your local City or Town Hall. The VSO's job is to help veterans learn about, apply for, and in some cases, receive benefits. VSOs are veterans themselves and are knowledgeable about an array of federal, state, and local benefits to which you may be entitled. Your VSO can help you fill out application forms for the benefits listed in this booklet.

·        To contact your VSO, call City/Town Hall and ask to be connected with "Veterans' Services."

What is a Veterans Outreach Center?

Outreach Centers

Outreach Centers are non-profit organizations that receive state money through DVS to assist veterans and their families with a range of services.

These vary by location and can include:

·        assistance and referrals to obtain Federal and State veterans' benefits

·        counseling services (peer or professional) ranging from substance abuse, anger management, to post-traumatic stress

·        food pantry and clothing closets

·        transportation services, 

     community activities may also be available 

Call Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers if you need assistance:

508-224-0100 Plymouth

508-923-0900 Middleboro