The Nathan Hale Foundation - Veterans Outreach Centers
 Plymouth and Middleboro

Outreach Centers

260 Centre St Middleboro MA 508-923-0900         763 State Road Plymouth, MA 508-224-0100

                                                     Three Harts Farm Veterans Growing Opportunities                                                                                                                            232 Beaver Dam Road, Plymouth                                                                                            

                                                    Hale Veterans Wellness Center                                                                                                           511 West Grove Street, Middleboro

Who was Nathan Hale?

 The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers

“                              I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” 

                                                                                                        – Nathan Hale

The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers, with locations in Plymouth and Middleboro Massachusetts, are 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to serving veterans, active duty service members and their families. We are the fastest growing Veterans Outreach Center in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

The Nathan Hale Foundation’s mission is to unite people, communities and governments to work towards a common goal: the health and welfare of veterans and active duty troops and their families. The organization believes veterans’ needs should transcend any personal or political agenda, and the Foundation aims to make the citizens of this Nation aware of the personal, professional and financial hardships these brave men and women face.


The Nathan Hale Foundation offers support on a number of levels, offering direct service to veterans as well as transportation services, readjustment counseling, food assistance and a creative arts program. Through the foundation’s volunteer opportunities, the average American is able to make a difference and give back to their local heroes.


 YOU have only one life to give!