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 Three Harts Farm Veterans Growing Opportunities

232 Beaver Dam Road Plymouth, MA 02360 

 Then 2014 and now...............2019



Located on 232 Beaver Dam Road

 in Plymouth ,MA

The Veteran’s Growing Opportunities Program’s goal is to create a multitude of agricultural programs that will serve a wide demographic of Veterans. This farm will serve a multitude of purposes for veterans and their families. This veteran’s garden will serve as an ancillary counseling room for our veterans that will provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere with an orchard and garden view. When veterans are confronted with a non-clinical atmosphere they feel less anxiety and stress. Our gardens will be one of the main sources for stress free participation on the farm.   Planting and tending the gardens is relaxing as well as rewarding, and the work is not physically demanding. 

The Veteran’s Growing Opportunities Program will also be instrumental treating TBI and PTSD related injuries. These types of injuries can be successfully treated by the use of our all-natural therapeutic gardening programs. When combining the professional services currently used by veterans and light repetitious gardening tasks, surrounded by familiar scents, with a natural back drop, and light exercise veterans can relax and look forward to a skill that they can take home and actually use. We will be providing a service to those Veterans that is not being offered now, but should be!


Three Harts Farm Veterans Growing Opportunities 2019

Proudly displaying USED FLAG DISPOSAL BINS donated by

 this  Eagle Scout!